Why choose adhesive embroidered patches?
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Why choose adhesive embroidered patches?

Do you like to decorate different patches on different clothes and backpacks? As a beginner, sewing patches and ironing patches are neither convenient nor simple enough. In this case, adhesive patch will be your best choice.

What is a adhesive patch?
Our company customizes embroidery patch products for customers. Adhesive patch is the simplest and fastest type of patch we offer. Just like stickers, you just need to peel off the wax paper on the backside, and the sticky back can be stuck almost anywhere. The adhesive effect on the backside of the patch will make embroidered patches into stickers.
Adhesive patches are suitable for any type of material. This makes them the most versatile patches. When you ultimately plan to replace the patch, the adhesive backing can help you achieve your goals.

Adhesive patches has some advantages.
Easy to exhibit. It can be used in many materials, fabrics, or metals. It is flexible and reusable because it is easy to peel off and convenient to attach. 

There is always a question about adhesive patches, is the adhesive patches better than other types of patches? The answer is that adhesive patches are undoubtedly the most common types of patches. This type of patch can not only be used for clothing, but also for furniture, bags, house decoration, or other interior designs. Our adhesive on adhesive patches is stronger than other regular adhesives. That's why even senior football teams, softball teams, and basketball teams use this type of patch in games.

For people who don't have time to sew patches, adhesive patches are great.
Adhesive patches have only one drawback. If you want to use patches for a long time, then sticky patches are not your first choice. Adhesive patches are only for short-term use, which means they are non permanent.

Our patches are very suitable for promoting products for you to recommend to customers. It will encourage your customers to apply patches to their clothes or furniture, which will spread your company's reputation. The advantage of adhesive patches is that even after the adhesive wears off, your customers can sew the patches onto their clothes as souvenirs.

The most common use of adhesive patches is for customers to attend meetings. They will use adhesive patches as direct clothing brands or as gifts. When they pass by, these adhesive patches will become your company's mobile billboard. Another use of adhesive patches is for marketing purposes. If you are participating in a golf competition and you want everyone to know your company, you just need to put patches on your shirt or hat. Adhesive patches are also suitable for family gatherings or birthday parties.

If you are considering ordering adhesive patches, please feel free to contact our team and provide a one-stop service for customized patches. We only provide the best products, and you won't be disappointed with the perfect adhesive patches made by our professionals for customers.

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