Dog Collars
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Dog Collars
  • Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Dog collars, also called buckle collars or flat collars, are usually made of nylon webbing or leather with a buckle similar to a belt buckle, or a quick-release buckle, either of which holds the collar loosely around the dog's neck. Identification is commonly attached to such a collar; it also comes with a loop to which a leash can be fastened.
This is the most standard collar for dogs. A flat collar should fit comfortably tight on your dog's neck. It should not be so tight as to choke your dog nor so loose that they can slip out of it. The rule of thumb says you should be able to get two fingers underneath the collar.

The dog collar ,actually is a kind of derivative of the lanyards. So it can be made of a different material of lanyards like polyester strap, nylon strap, woven strap, heat transfer strap, imitation nylon strap etc.. But the most popular selection is the polyester and the nylon because polyester is cheap while the nylon is high quality. Especially the collar or leash used for the large size dogs, it would require the high tensile of the strap. 

According to the different size of the pets, we have the different specifications for the collars and pets. Here below chart, you may take a rough reference. 

Size (width)

Suit for Pet size

Minimum tensile required










Specifications of dog collars:
  • The collar would generally be produced as one-fit-all size with the adjustable buckles. The thickness of the collar would be 1mm for cheaper consideration but 2mm for a higher quality reason. You can decide according to your budget and needs.
  • The logo of the dog collar can be silkscreen printing, offset printing, sublimating or reflective printing since the possible scratching by the pets.
  • The color of the dog collar can be decided according to the international pantone color chart for both the strap and the logo.
  • The accessories of the dog collar can be customized except the basic and standard functional attachments.
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