Styled Personalized Epaulettes
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Styled Personalized Epaulettes

The epaulettes are special identification marks on the shoulders of uniforms worn by soldiers, police, aviation and other special professionals. For civilians, epaulettes are mostly used in windbreakers which are highly popular with a history of over 100 years.

The design of epaulettes on the windbreaker originates from military uniforms. The epaulettes are used to place the ranks, gloves and kettles of soldiers. A windbreaker with epaulettes is always reminiscent of a neat and handsome uniform. Trench Coat, a fashionable British coat, originated from the raincoats of British and French sergeants during World War I. The epaulettes were originally used to tie binoculars and kettles, but now they have the function of making shoulders and necks more upright. Coupled with the stand-up collar, they can make you spirited and refreshed.

The design of shoulder line determines the "spirit". Epaulettes can give you a powerful aura like an officer.

Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. offers a wide variety of personalized epaulettes, embroidered epaulettes, military epaulettes, police epaulettes and customs epaulettes, etc. Welcome to consult!
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