Woven Lanyards
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Woven Lanyards

Specifications of the Woven Lanyards :
  • Material: Rayon Yarn
  • Logo: Woven
  • Attachment: Side Release Buckle + Oval Hook
  • Length: Can be customized
  • Application: Keychain Lanyard, Badge Lanyard
Donghong Carft offer custom service for all kinds of lanyards for promotion, advertising or any other use. We are flexible on MOQ ,materials, logo process, attachments, etc..Welcome to contact us for quotations of custom lanyards!

Woven lanyard

The lanyard is the cord or strap worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry such items as keys or identification cards etc.. But nowadays, the lanyards works not just as a physical tool, but more like a media carrier for advertising and promotion. It’s really an economic but very effective way for your branding activities as it’s very convenient and widely used in our daily life.

The woven lanyard could be divided to be common woven lanyard or fine woven lanyard. The fine woven lanyard would more like the woven label effect. Also, the woven lanyard could be produced as one layer with logo one side, two layers with logo one side, one lanyard with logo two sides, two layers with logo two sides. The unique characteristic of the woven lanyard is that you never need to doubt that the logo on the woven lanyard would fade out or scratched since all the logo are woven into the strap.

The yarn of the woven lanyard could be 100% polyester, nylon or cotton.
The logo of the woven lanyard is woven into the strap directly.
The color of the woven lanyard could be decided according to the international pantone color chart for both the strap and the logo.
The color for the logo of the woven lanyard could be common yard, metallic gold or silver yarn.
The size of the woven lanyard for the width, the length and even the thickness could be decided by the customer.
The MOQ of the woven lanyard is 300pcs. But it’s not that stubborn, just bigger QTY would definitely win better price.
The usage of the woven lanyard could be name badge holder, mobile phone holder, bottle holder, luggage strap, camera strap, shoelace, wristband, keychain, pet chest gallnuts, pet collar, pet leash, seatbelt etc..
The accessories of the woven lanyards could be various according to the clients’ requirement as well as the final products functional requirement.

With warehouse both in Dong Guan & Hong Kong enables a faster and easier delivery with every possible means, such as by air, by sea or couriers both from China mainland or Hong Kong.

Reasonable price, high quality, fast turn-around with no rush order fee, speedy delivery to worldwide by FedEx/UPS/DHL. Act efficiently within 8 working hours. As the best promotional item factory, we work all the best for your needs. If you would like advice or a quotation for custom epaulet, please feel free to drop us an email!
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