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Book is one of our good friends. From the books, you can find the answers to your questions or experience a totally different life. That's wonderful, isn't it? When you are reading a book, a bookmark is necessary when you forget which page you read last time or the valuable chapter you signed. It can help you find them out quickly.

So, I think bookmark is a good choice as a gift or promotional item because it always reminds people to read more and learn more. Also, it could convey the information to the people who uses it with the customized logo and texts.
As an experienced manufacturer of all kind of promotional items, Dongguan Forever Emblem could offer various material and process of bookmarks, like the metal bookmark, soft PVC bookmark, embroidery bookmark, woven bookmark etc.. Among all of these bookmarks, the metal bookmark would have the most classic and high quality looking. It would be a good choice for you to choose as a premium gift to your friends and family, as well as an advertising give-away for your brand promotion. As the factory, we could satisfy the client with different volume orders. We don't have strict limit on the MOQ except the printed elastic steel bookmark version. It would be our pleasure to be of any help to convey your thought or logo into an actual beautiful bookmark.  So, in cooperating with us to customize your own bookmark, you would have no pressure to worry on the QTY. We can understand some project would be with small QTY, but some would be in big need. We would like to focus on the long term cooperation but not just one single case. Every of your project would be highly appreciated and well-taken by our sales Rep. and production line. Please send your inquiries with size, quantity and photos of your Bookmarks, Dong Hong will immediately quote you relative unit price, mold charge and estimated delivery time as well as suggest you the most suitable material for your bookmark. If there are any difficulties to complete your designs exactly, Dong Hong would recommend you other options instead for your bookmarks accordingly.

Welcome to contact us to customize your own cheap metal bookmark with business logo right now!
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