Photo Etched Bookmarks
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Photo Etched Bookmarks

Photo etched bookmark would generally use the material of bronze, stainless iron or stainless steel. Since the logo and the bookmark clip are etched out by acid liquid but not mould, the thickness of the material should be not too thick. It would be around 0.3mm~0.6mm.
Considering the cheaper cost, some client might think about using the aluminum material. But actually, the aluminum material is too soft and not elastic enough, which might be broken easily.
The photo etched bookmark could be with coloring on the logo or without. The coloring could be soft enamel, or printing ink. For the without coloring version, generally, the logo would be proceeded as etched out version or add some logo by laser engraving. 

The Bronze material bookmark could be plated with different color as gold, nickel, silver, copper, satin series etc. but seldom antique series, while the stainless steel bookmark or stainless iron bookmark would be generally without plating. 

The photo etched process could be not only used for bookmark, but also could be Christmas ornament, metal business card etc. 

Please contact us now to start customizing your own metal bookmark, metal ornaments or metal business card etc.. 
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