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Promotion Products

In recent years, in order to meet the demands of the market and the customer's one-stop service, we Donghong not only produce badges, commemorative coins, medals, key chains, wallets, belt buckles, buttons, cufflinks and other metal crafts, but also set up the special promotions purchasing department and outsourcing products QC department to ensure the professional sourcing & purchasing service to the customers.

Thanks to the support from our regular customers, this service improved gradually and become more and more strong and competitive. It is just because of their help and trust, we've been pushing ourselves to develop, improve and perfect step by step. Now, we have a strong and professional sourcing & purchasing team. From developing new products to placing an order, our team has a high degree of consciousness in cost controlling, product quality controlling as well as the shipping delivery date controlling. We can help the customers to expand the product lines with high efficiency and create more value for our customers, which helped us to achieve the transformation from benefits from customers to benefits to customers. Now, except for regular customers, many new customers come for cooperation because of our successful cases with many well-known brands like Coca Cola, Disney, Merlin, etc.

At present, the product line we provide with sourcing & purchasing service is mainly promotional products. Such as Soft PVC/Silicone advertising gifts, dog leashes pet supplies, stress relieve toys, leather key chains, wallets, promotional pens, umbrellas, sportswear, T-shirts, etc. We also welcome you to consult more products. Donghong crafts makes you be assured and satisfied!

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