What are the Characteristics of Soft Enamel Metal Badge?
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What are the Characteristics of Soft Enamel Metal Badge?

1. Brief Introduction of the Production Process of Soft Enamel Metal Badge

In the production of various badges, soft enamel badge process is commonly used. Soft enamel metal badges can be filled with pigments in concave areas of badges. The raised areas can be electroplated, such as gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating and other different electroplating effects.

There are custom made metal badges, including the soft enamel metal badge. Here are some characteristics of soft enamel metal badge.

2. What are the Characteristics of Soft Enamel Metal Badge?

(1) Materials

Badges are usually made of copper, iron, zinc alloy and other materials. Among them, copper is commonly used and relatively expensive, while iron is cheap.

(2) Hand Feeling

Soft enamel metal badge has obvious metal sense of concavo-convex and good texture. It is a good choice for those who like badges.

(3) Appearances

The surface of the soft enamel metal badge can be coated with transparent protective resin. It will become smooth after being coated with glue. This kind of paint badge is also called soft enamel badge with glue.

(4) Color and Texture

Soft enamel metal badges are bright in color, clear in lines and strong in metal texture, which are good choices for high-end badges. Welcome to customize the soft enamel metal badge with your loved photos.

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