What’s the difference between woven patches and embroidered patches?
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What’s the difference between woven patches and embroidered patches?

What’s the difference between woven and embroidered patches? Are you having a hard time choosing between woven vs embroidered patch?

Most of our customers will ask this question before they place an order. Both of them are the most common type of patches. They can be made into any shape, including round, square, rectangular, and any shape you need with your ideas. 
In this post, I am going to show you the difference between woven patches and embroidered patches.Let’s dive right in.
What is a Woven Patches?
Woven patches have a smooth surface with no raised texture due to the whole patch is woven out directly and the raw material is only delicate yarns. 
What is the Advantage of Woven Patches?
1. Woven patches could present the small details more clearly and neatly, especially for the lettering or the imitate gradient colors. 

2. Woven patches is quite soft and more acceptable for people when using as a label which need to attach the skin directly


Embroidered patches are usually thicker than woven patches, with strong lines and raised textures, giving them a very textured appearance because the embroidered patches are embroidered with thread on the fabric background. The thread is much thicker than yarns and with the fabric background, the embroidered thread would have the raised effect contrast with the non-embroidered fabric. Embroidered patches are currently the most commonly used clothing accessories. It is an important identification tool for military personnel and other military and police personnel. Due to its rich and colorful, high-quality logo display, and affordable cost, more and more people like to customize their own embroidered patches for clothing accessories.
What are the advantages of embroidered patches?
1: Embroidered Patches looks classic with higher quality looking.
2: Embroidered patches are more stiff and might be used as other functional tools like the coast etc.. 
To be honestly, to produce it as an embroidered patch or a woven patch, it depends on the design as well as your own expectation. 
We always provide you the custom design patches with the best service. Our custom patch system and the well-trained sales representatives can help you create the perfect custom patches according to your needs. If you need to learn more information, please send us an email!


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