How to Apply the Embroidery Patches onto the Clothes if you are not available with an Iron?
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How to Apply the Embroidery Patches onto the Clothes if you are not available with an Iron?

Patches,also known as applique, originally refer to patch for clothing. Now it refers to the woolen embroidery, denim embroidery, embroidered cloth stickers, lace armbands, gold thread embroidery badges, etc, which is a kind of clothing decoration accessories.The Patches process is also called silk embroidery. It originated in the Tang Dynasty. After the development in the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, until the 1990s, a variety of techniques were gradually formed, with brilliant colors, fine workmanship, and Artistic features of the bas-relief effect. 

Embroidery Patches

When our clothes are inadvertently bleached and corroded into small holes, or stains that cannot be washed off, we usually use patches to make up. patches can be used to repair small holes and stains on clothes, and can also be ironed or sewn on favorite fabrics according to your creativity, such as bags, clothes, curtains, etc.                
The most popular backing method for the patches are iron on which you and stick it to the clothes by heating the iron glue on the backside of the patch. But what shall we do if we are not available with an iron? The ideal alternative is a hair dryer.

Replace the iron with a flat-bottomed tea pot or glass filled with boiling water, and then heat it with a hair dryer. This is the same function as an iron, and this is also very effective.
This would work well with the Super strong double-sided tape. However, ordinary double-sided adhesive tape is not very useful and strong enough, so it is better to sew the patches with needle and thread.

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