Happy Mother's Day!
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Happy Mother's Day!

As the name suggests, Mother's Day is a holiday to express gratitude to mothers. Modern Mother's Day originated in the United States, on the second Sunday of May each year. As Mother's Day approaches, today we will discuss the history of Mother's Day and how modern people celebrate it.

The History of Mother's Day

Mother's Day originated in Greece, where ancient Greeks paid tribute to Hera, the mother of the gods in Greek mythology. In the mid-17th century, Mother's Day spread to England, and the British celebrated the fourth Sunday of Lent as Mother's Day. On this day, children who are not at home will go home to bring some small gifts to their mothers.

Modern Mother's Day originated in the United States and was initiated by Anna Jarvis, a native of Philadelphia who is still unmarried and has no children. On May 9, 1906, Anna Jarvis's mother passed away, leaving her deeply saddened. The following year, on the anniversary of his mother's death, Jarvis organized a commemorative event for her and encouraged others to express their gratitude to her in a similar way. On May 10, 1913, both houses of Congress in the United States passed a resolution signed by President Wilson, declaring the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day each year. This measure inspired countries around the world to follow suit, and by the time Jarvis passed away in 1948, 43 countries had established Mother's Day.

People celebrate Mother's Day in various ways. Many of them choose to give gifts to their mothers or hold family dinners. What kind of holiday gift would you give to your mother?

Precious jewelry, carnations symbolizing maternal love, special love desserts, exquisite handmade greeting cards, etc. can all become gifts that people pay tribute to their mothers. I think customizing metal craft gifts as Mother's Day gifts is a great choice! You can customize Mother's Day themed badges, keychains, commemorative coins, scarf buckles, money clips, and more. Because these metal gifts are made of sturdy materials and have a beautiful appearance. And it can be stored for a long time. You can design it yourself, or put photos of yourself and your mother into these pins or keychains. This is a moment worth commemorating and cherishing.

Mothers protect and nurture us like superheroes. In short, whether on Mother's Day or in daily life, mothers always take care of us very carefully and strive to play the role bestowed upon them by God. As children, we not only express our love for our mothers on Mother's Day, but also in our daily lives. We should always be grateful to our mothers, take care of them, and do what we can for them. Meanwhile, we can also give our mothers some small gifts in our daily lives, which are not expensive, as long as they are sincere.

Our team wishes a happy Mother's Day to all the great mothers all over the world! If you need to customize holiday promotional metal gifts, please contact us~


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