What's The Level Of The New Dress? It's Very Beautiful.
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What's The Level Of The New Dress? It's Very Beautiful.

Firefighters, a special profession, are always the patron saints around us. In the face of disaster, when our lives and property are threatened, they are always the most beautiful retrograde. As we all know, after the reform of fire fighting, it is no longer the active service security system and has become a full-time emergency rescue team.

Change into new dresses and carry new uniform epaulettes. Their clothes have changed, but their mission has never changed. Fire rescue rank is a new rank established in our country after military rank, police rank, customs rank and diplomatic rank. It is specially set up for the national comprehensive fire rescue team.

Fire rescue ranks are divided into 19 grades, from high to low ranks are the director, deputy director, assistant director, senior, first, second and third level commanders, first, second, third and fourth level commanders, a total of three and eleven levels; firefighters are provided with first, second, third level fire chiefs, first, second, third and fourth level firefighters. Prepare firefighters, three grades and eight grades.

In terms of ranks, there are ranks of Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Colonel, Major General, Lieutenant General and General. And fire rescue rank is the most striking, what does it represent? It actually represents a first-level commander.

Army green to "flame blue" transformation, this new fire rescue dress, not only symbolizes the flame but also represents the water flow, reflecting the firefighters between the water and fire charged into battle.

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