Know The Medal Size Before Customization
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Know The Medal Size Before Customization

Medals have many sizes. Before customizing a medal, you should get to know the different sizes of the medals. Generally, the customized medal is prepared for a certain honor and it is the award that public institutions, authorities, party committees, schools, training institutions and companies often use. As for medal customization, it doesn't mean the bigger, the better. The suitable size is the one that can meet practical needs.

On the one hand, we should consider the style of the medal. For example, the medal with a colored ribbon which is put around the neck is mainly circular because the irregular shape may scratch wearers during the use. The normal size is nearly 30~65mm. If the medal is put on the chest, the shape can be more diversified, but the size can't be too big, usually around 25~60mm. If the medal has no more accessories, the size is generally bigger. 45~120mm is ok.

On the other hand, we should consider the wearer of a certain medal. If the medal is made for children, the size is generally smaller because the bigger the medal is, the thicker and heavier it is, which is not suitable for children. If the medal is made for athletes of boxing or wrestling, the medal should be big enough to match the temperament of athletes. And the medal for the army should also not be too small.

What's more, the budget of consumers is also very important. The bigger the medal is, the higher the cost is. The size of the product should be planned according to your budget.

Finally, medals have different materials. The material also has some influence on the size of the medal. For example, the medal made of zinc alloy can be made bigger than the medal made of copper because the cost of the former is lower, the density is smaller, the weight is lighter and its production process also makes zinc alloy one bigger. If the medal is equipped with plaque, its size is generally bigger.

Therefore, the selection of the size of a medal is influenced by various factors. But don't worry. You just need to share your information and idea with us as much as you have, and our professional sales will make the most suitable suggestions for you.

If you want to customize a medal, Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd is a good choice for you since we have 35 years experience in this field. We can provide customers the one-stop service from the design to the finished product. We customize medals professionally according to the requirements of customers and the quality is guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our biggest pursuit!

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