The origin of coasters
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The origin of coasters

The prototype of coasters was a piece of cloth or paper that covered the glass of beer, initially to prevent bugs or foreign matter from falling into the drink. But it was soon discovered that placing them at the bottom of cups was more effective, and manufacturers began to produce coasters. And in 1880, a German printing company developed a beer mat made of cardboard.

In reality, coasters have many benefits. Its friction helps prevent sliding, also can protect the table from being burned. All of these make coasters an absolute necessity of life. However, compared with these basic functions, its extension effect seems to be more prominent.

Coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other public eating places; they can be used as advertising accessories to improve the image. Colorful PVC coasters add more prominent companies, enterprise LOGO, helping the brands get closer to people’s lives.

According to the material of coasters, they can be divided into the following common coasters:

    PVC Coaster: PVC Coasters are made of PVC rubber; they have various shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model, etc. Adding company and enterprise LOGO on the coasters is not only beautiful but also can play a good visual effect and advertising effect.

    Silicone Coaster: It is a new popular mat. The material is environmental-friendly, heat insulation, but the cost is a bit higher.

    Wooden Coaster: Wooden coaster is practical, also more durable, but the colors and styles are too monotonous.

    Cotton Coaster: Cotton coaster has strong water absorption ability and easy to clean. It can fit well on the table, effectively control the heat of tableware, and protect the table. 

    Hemp Coaster: Hemp coasters, as their name suggests, are coasters made of hemp material. Hemp coaster is durable and insect-resistant, making it a good partner for a solid wood dining table.

    Bamboo Coaster: Bamboo coaster has the best insulation, which can effectively prevent the damage of high temperature to the table.

    Paper Coaster: Paper coaster is made of the latest environmental protection material, with good insulation. Due to its brittle nature, it cannot be washed with water and is usually disposable.

    Metal Coaster: The metal coaster is mainly made of tinplate or aluminum, which is also light and durable. But zinc alloy coaster has been more and more popular as well because of it's more classic appearance looking. 

   Embroidery Coaster: The embroidery coaster is actually something like an embroidered patch but as its stiff appearance and with waterproof iron on backing, it has been widely used by people in the market as well. 

At present, PVC coasters are the most popular, because PVC coasters are easier to make a variety of shapes, all kinds of cartoon patterns, corporate logos, can bring good visual effects.

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