How To Make Metal Bookmarks?
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How To Make Metal Bookmarks?

Metal bookmarks are good choice as gifts for graduation season, the beginning of the new school season, birthday surprises, teacher's day gifts, holiday blessings and the scope is extended to everywhere.

Here are production crafts often used to make metal bookmarks:corrosion, electroplating, electrophoresis, polishing, silk screen, and brushing.

1.Corroded raw material to form the size.
2.Electroplating electrophores adds an anti-oxidation oxide layer to prevent fading.
3.Polishing is the modification of the surface by using a flexible polishing tool and abrasive particles or other polishing media. Polishing does not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of the bookmark, but only to obtain a smooth surface or specular gloss.
4.Silk screen printing is the text of screen printing, icons, etc., using special inks to ensure that it won't fade. The common process silk screen embossed code makes the bookmark more textured and improve the clarity and quality.
5.The brushed surface of the metal bookmark is more novel, striped, touched and rich in appearance.
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