The Wonderful Use of Embroidery Patches
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The Wonderful Use of Embroidery Patches

Custom embroidered patches are loved by people because of their exquisite appearances and crafted workmanship. People often use embroidery patches to mend the damaged clothes or use them to decorate their clothes, such as jackets, pants, T-shirts, etc since patching clothes with embroidered patches is the best of both worlds because the custom patches can give a unique sense to your clothes in personality and design.In addition, people also like to decorate their daily items.

In addition, there are also some unexpected places you can use embroidered patches, and now, let’s get to know it.

As one of the most popular items in the fashion industry, the peaked caps are deeply loved by people. But the cookie-cutter design can make people feel aesthetically tired. Therefore, when someone decorates our caps with embroidered patches, they have a refreshing visual sense. And you can easily get such embroidered patches.

Have you ever thought of using embroidered patches to decorate shoes? It is indeed possible and will get unexpected effects. If your upper is slightly damaged, we can use a custom patch to cover the broken area and give your shoes a new look.

Wallets has been increasingly developed as one of the indispensable necessity in our daily life, no matter from the functional aspects or the decorative aspects. To achieve the more personalized and fashionable effect, decorating with embroidered patches would be a good choice. 

Hand Bag
If you think your bag lacks some fun, and you can try to paste or sew some embroidered patches in the right place.

Decorating your notebooks with custom embroidery patches not only makes your notebook good-looking but also can be used as bookmarks.

It should be noted that there are many different backing options for embroidery patches, and different backings are suitable for different surfaces. For example, you cannot use sew-on patches (no backing) on the hard surface, such as computers, cups, etc., because you can’t sew the patch on a hard surface with a needle and thread; therefore, we should choose the suitable patches according to where you are going to use.

Actually, custom patches can be divided into iron-on, sew-on, stick-on, velcro-attaching patches etc. in theory. So no matter what kind of the patches are, eg: printed patches, embroidered patches, chenille patches and woven patches all can customize to be iron-on, sew-on, stick-on or attaching patches, If you need to learn more about the backing of custom patches, click ” custom patches” to know more details.

There are many unexpected occasions you can use our custom embroidery patches, and they have a variety of styles, which can play different roles on different items. Therefore, you can choose the one that is most suitable to you or the one that can fully express yourself to match your items, which will make your items unique and personalized.

We are a professional patch maker who has more than 39 years of experience in making high-quality patches, and you can customize your patches in any size and shape, our patch design team will give you unexpected creation. Online customer service and no minimum order requirement would be provided for you.

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