What is a custom patch?
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What is a custom patch?

This week we will talk about patches.

Currently, there are many types of patches on the market. What are the commonly used patch types and what are their differences? Below, I will explain them in detail to everyone~

I. What is a custom patch?

Patch and label are fashion accessories and brand tools for clothing. Clothing, hats, bags, and other items can create a unique appearance by adding patches, while also promoting brand information.

Some of the most common types of patches are embroidery patches, leather patches, PVC patches, chenille patches, woven label patches, metal patches, and other patches.

Different types of patches have different functions and are made using different materials and processes.

2、 What are the types of the patch?

A、Embroidered patch
One of the most popular and traditional patch types. Classic appearance, suitable for various occasions such as sports teams, schools, colleges, clubs, etc.


B、Woven Patch
Unlike embroidery patches, woven label patches are woven out by yarns which is much delicate and thinner than threads, so that it can handle details perfectly. They are perfect for small text or fine detail designs, and can be customized to almost any shape, making them perfect for various purposes.
Backing options: stitching, ironing, 3M adhesive backing, pins, adhesive, Velcro.


C、PVC patch
Customized PVC patch is a patch made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that can be made into any shape (including 2D or 3D effects) or color. This patch has waterproof and heat resistance, making it very suitable for outdoor use. They are a popular choice for custom patches!


D、Printing patches
Using digital or screen printing technology to restore photos or realistic images in custom patches

E、Leather patch
They are usually made of genuine or synthetic leather, with laser engraved logos or patterns on them. They can add branding or personalization to clothing, hats, bags, and other accessories, repair damaged leather furniture, car seats, or add decoration to hats and bags.


F、Chenille patch
The Chenille patch is a patch made from soft and blurry threads, which can give people a soft feeling. They are highly popular among sports teams and fashion brands. This patch is made using a machine specifically designed for Chenille patches, so the cost is relatively higher than other fabric patches.
Generally, only simple letters and patterns can be customized.


G、Bullion patch
Bullion is made separately by experienced and professional craftsmen. The main value comes from the precise arrangement and stitching of the gold and silver bars in the patch by hand. The price is relatively high, and this patch is mainly used for military uniforms.


The above are the most common custom patch types in the market. Each type has its own unique characteristics, so you can choose the type that best suits your needs and preferences based on your design style, budget, and usage.

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