5 Steps To Create Your Custom Enamel Pin
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5 Steps To Create Your Custom Enamel Pin

As one of the most popular accessories today - customized enamel pins, it can be attributed to the various styles and multi-purpose of badges.
Custom lapel pins can not only be used to promote the company's brand and products, but also can be seen in many activities. They are also good products sold in online stores.
If you want to create your own enamel pins, the following five simple steps will make it easy for you to create:
1、 Choose your concept
If your pin is to commemorate an event or promote your company, you may have some logos or brands as the basis of your pin design.
However, if your pin is for gift or sale, and there is no specific image design, we suggest that you can find inspiration from familiar books or movies, games, food and drink and other details of daily life. Once you have inspiration, it is easy to produce works.
2、Create your design
If you want to turn your design into an enamel pin, when you create a design, you need to consider:
Color: Make sure that the color you choose matches well, only choose solid color, because the enamel badge cannot achieve color gradient. (But printing badges can do it)
Outline: Make sure that your design has a metal border around each section to stop the colors bleeding into each other.
Size: The size of the pin affects the price of the enamel pin, so a larger design will cost more production costs.
Lapel Pin Backings. The Standard Lapel pin faster is butterfly clutch.   Of course, other special accessories are also available if you need them.
3、Choose the right crafts
There are three main types of enamel pin: hard enamel , imitation hard enamel and soft enamel.

The hard enamel pin has a smooth enamel surface, which is flush with the metal contour. o meet the unique ooking , the colors are hand-filled with a powderedne at a time - onto your lapel pins at 1 , 700two to four minutestwo-step process ensures that bleeding of colors does not occur on your lapel pins . It also helps colors on your lapel pins to last and keep their brilliant huNext , the lapel pins are individually hand-polished and plated in any of colors yopected to ensure only lapel pinshighest quality are individually packagedCloisonne lapel pins may cost more because of its complicated procedures , sophisticated skills and time consumingtion , high quality looking and unfading colors but almost all clients agree that they are well worth !

The metal outlines on soft enamel pins stand out above the level of the enamel, with rich colors. as been around for over two decades and is also known as imitation hard enamel , Pola or Sthat similar to Cloisonne hard enamel . It appears that has brought a revolution foras been widely welcomed once it appearance because ofarity to hard enamel materialor effect , lower cost , faster delivery time and wider variety of color choices. If you have a large quantity and a low budget, this is a good choice.
4、Set your Budget
Setting the budget is a vital step because it could affect everything from the size and design of your pin to the materials you use.
5、Choose the right manufacturer
Choosing the right manufacturer of enamel pins can determine success or failure. Here are some things to consider:
Are they an experienced manufacturer of lapel pins? Can they produce your lapel pins to a high standard?
Can they handle your order, whether it is a large order or a small batch order with a specific design?
After you submit the enamel pin design, how long will it take to deliver the order?
Can they make your lapel pin within your budget?
We have more than 39 years of experience in producing various kinds of  enamel lapel pins, which can help handle everything from a single pin to a large number of orders. Our goal is to ship all orders within 7-15 days and strive to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied with their orders.
Take a look through some of the custom lapel pins that we’ve produced for our satisfied clients, and get in touch to discuss your custom lapel pin project or for your FREE quotation.

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