EN71 Standard of Toys Exported to European and American countries
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EN71 Standard of Toys Exported to European and American countries

China is a big exporter of the toys in the world. The toys exportation mainly aimed at European. The toys exported to the European market take up 40% of the annual exportation value of toys of China.

EN 71 is the European Union's mandatory standard for toys designed of children under the age of 14. The meaning is to regulate the toy products entering the European market through EN71 standard, thus reducing or avoiding the possible harm of the toys to children. Considering our product service to regular customers, here we particularly remind our customers that, in addition to conventional variety of possible harmful substances and heavy metal content test, we also need to pay attention to the package of the toy products exported to Europe and the United States. If the packaging is plastic bag and thickness is less than 0.038 mm, we must make sure there are holes on the bag for ventilation. In case the child would be choking while playing. Besides, it is best to mark children's age, CE standard and children's warning on the packaging.

As a professional manufacturer, Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. Strictly adheres to international standards in exportation. To make sure our customers assured and satisfy! At the same time, we will update some industry dynamics and new standards in a timely manner. Welcome to follow Donghong website to get more timely information to make progress together and develop together.

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