What Are High Grade Lapel Pins?
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What Are High Grade Lapel Pins?

Firstly, let's start from the raw material of the lapel pin. Usually precious metals such as pure gold and sterling silver are not the common materials for the lapel pin manufacture. The first choice for the materials of high-class lapel pin should be copper, especially rose copper which is so called red copper. Because the material of rose copper is relatively soft, it's relatively easy to make a variety of characters or patterns on it. In addition, copper also has the excellent mechanical functions like strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and forgeability. Thus the copper is the first priority material for the high-class lapel pins.

Secondly, the manufacturing process is also one of the key factors that determine whether a pin is high-class or not. Generally speaking, for any high-class goods, the manufacturing process will be relatively complicated. The hard enamel is one of the most complex processes in the manufacture of pins, so the hard enamel pin (cloisonné pin) is a genuine high-class lapel pin. Because the manufacture and appearance of imitation hard enamel pin (soft cloisonné pin) is similar to the manufacture of real hard enamel, the imitation hard enamel pins can also be regarded as high-class lapel pins. However, the manufactures of printed pins, photo etched pins, epoxy pins and soft enamel pins are relatively simple. Therefore those pins can only be regarded as ordinary pins. Especially for the pins which are made of stainless iron, aluminum, tin, alloy and other materials, perfectly suit the customers who have special requirements for the relative or limited budget. In addition, the design of lapel pin and the accessories of lapel pin will also affect the quality of finished item. As for a real high-class lapel pin, its design (style, etc.) must also be reasonable and high-class. In terms of accessories, usually they will be selected from high-class parts, such as US safety pins, tie tack etc. and the package will be wooden box, velvet box and the like. Definitely, the attachment of the pin would be chose accordingly depends on its relative usage.

Thirdly,the high quality pin should also have no bubbles on its electroplating surface, its colors should be eventually, and usually it should be polished at least twice-- roughly and meticulously. What's more, for the hard enamels pin or imitation hard enamel pin, it should be burnished by stone right after coloring to make sure the color to be full enough and flush with the raised metal. Also, the silver soldering for the accessories, the tie plating for the electroplate color, the real plating instead of painting for the antique effect etc., all those are the necessary processes and basic standards for the manufacture of a high-class lapel pin.

Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of lapel pins for more than 30 years and has accumulated rich experience in this area. If you want to custom lapel pins, especially the high-class lapel pins, welcome to contact us for more information. We will give you the practical advice accordingly.

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