Die Cast Lapel Pins
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Die Cast Lapel Pins

According to the zinc alloy industry development, now we can offer two kinds of zinc alloy material lapel pins to the clients based on the design and specialty of each project. One is the common die cast zinc alloy lapel pin and the other is the new developed spin cast zinc alloy lapel pin.
As we know, the zinc alloy material has been widely in all kind of industry because of its cheaper cost and high feasibility. But in the metal badge industry, it has been not the first priority at the very beginning. Just after the bronze raw material soaring since Feb or 20016, the zinc alloy part more and more important part in the metal gifts industry.

The advantages of the zinc alloy on the lapel pin industry are as follows:
  • The cheaper cost
  • The better presentation on the 3D details
  • The lighter unit weight to save the freight cost
But the disadvantages also affect the development of the zinc alloy lapel pin which is the huge work on its mould creating and mould fixing. The mould raw material is steel and we can imagine how hard to carve it. Also, because of the huge die casting machine, it generally takes around 2 hours to fix the mould. So, it's not that economic for the small QTY or small size orders. But now, the industry pioneers developed the spin cast zinc alloy which could help to solve the mould problem and developed the usage of the zinc alloy material in the lapel pin industry. 

Donghong Craft is professional maker of pins and badges with 35 years experience. Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotation for your die cast lapel pins! High quality, competitive price and small MOQ!

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