Three Key Points To Customize The Perfect Ribbon
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Three Key Points To Customize The Perfect Ribbon

Last week we talked about how to customize the perfect medal. This week we will talk about a necessary ribbon for the perfect medal!

A ribbon can be very simple or very artistic. It all depends on your idea. But if you want your medal to be perfect, I suggest that the ribbon must be as impressive as the medal~

The following 3 key points help you customize the perfect ribbon


When ordering custom neckband, the most important point is to pay attention to the difference between sublimation ribbon and screen printing ribbon.

The main difference between these two ribbon types is how color would be presented .

If you have a basic font or one-tone (color) graphics, we recommend screen printing ribbon

However, if your design has complex colors and specific style or design requirements, it is better to use sublimation ribbon. The sublimation process is very close to the full color offset printing process but the hand feeling would be much more smooth and soft.  It can restore your design very well.

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Generally, the ribbon has two common widths, either 1” or 1.5” . Additionally, Custom ribbon lengths commonly range from 32” to 36”.

Typically medals of 2” or smaller will match well with a 1” (narrow) ribbon, and medals larger than 2” work best with a 1.5” (wide) ribbon. These are all effective and commonly used combinations for guests, which are of great reference value for those who customize ribbons for the first time.


The direction of logo and text is also very important. When the ribbon is worn around the neck, others can see the logo and text on the ribbon. Therefore, your design needs to pay attention to how the text and logo should be displayed on the front and back of the ribbon.

When it comes to customized ribbon design, there are many subtle differences. In order to complete the work efficiently and correctly, it is very important to choose trustworthy and reliable medal partners to cooperate.

The Happy Gift Team will guide you in the right direction. We will provide guidance services in the following aspects (professional one-to-one communication):
Improve your design
General standards and practices
Creative alternatives
How to achieve the maximum benefit of the budget
What potential mistakes to avoid

Contact us and let us help you create perfect medals and ribbons for your next event.
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