Rules for the Use of Military Emblems
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Rules for the Use of Military Emblems

The military metal badges of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) have the same meaning and function as the PLA flag. They all have the functions of symbol, symbol and battle. The difference is that military metal badges are more widely and flexibly used than the military flag, which is the core pattern of the important military logo and military symbol. It is not only suspended or built-in solemn occasions but also drawn in weapons and equipment to facilitate the identification of enemies and ourselves in combat. It is more used as the central pattern of military symbols, cap badges, collars, medals, medals and other clothing.

On February 1, 1951, in the Draft Regulations on Internal Affairs of the People's Liberation Army issued by the General Staff Department of the People's Liberation Army, the styles of Army, Navy and Air Force emblems were appended. It is stipulated that the Army Emblem is also the PLA Emblem. The military emblem of the Navy and air force takes "August 1" as the main body, indicating that the Navy and air force are part of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and have grown up on the basis of the army. The naval emblem is a Navy emblem with a navy blue background and a silver-grey iron anchor. The blue substrate symbolizes the vast ocean. The iron anchor represents the Navy and the navy. The emblem of the Air Force is lined with golden eagle wings, symbolizing the courage and courage of the People's Air Force, flying unimpeded, and resolutely shouldering the glorious task of defending the motherland.

In June 1990, the Internal Affairs Ordinance of the Chinese People's Liberation Army issued by the Central Military Commission re-appended the pattern of the PLA Army emblem, and clearly stipulated the use of the emblem: the emblem can be enlarged or reduced in proportion to be used for holding ceremonies, inspections, military oaths and grand assemblies, hanging in the centre of the platform, or for use. It is forbidden to use armbands, certificates, vehicles, warships, aeroplanes and important buildings in decorative articles, commercial advertisements or occasions detrimental to the solemnity of the military emblem.

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