Love coffee, love life
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Love coffee, love life

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks for modern people, and many people enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to start a new day. Let me share with you some history of coffee:

Coffee originated in Africa. The first coffee tree was discovered in the Horn of Africa. The local indigenous tribes often grind the fruits of coffee and then add some animal fat to knead them into balls. These people treat these coffee balls as precious food. They believe that eating coffee balls will make them energetic.

A long time later, coffee culture has spread to various parts of the world. There are three countries with relatively long coffee cultures, namely France, the United States and Türkiye.

We all know that the most romantic country is France, and they also enjoy tasting coffee in a romantic environment. French people do not add other seasonings to improve the taste when drinking coffee, but the coffee drinking environment is very important for them. French people like to sit in coffee shops with comfortable and beautiful environments, reading or talking to friends while slowly tasting coffee. Even the price of a cup of coffee in a coffee shop can be on par with the price of a pot of coffee at home. Therefore, there are many coffee shops in France, located by squares or roadsides, and even inside the Eiffel Tower.

The United States is the largest coffee consumer country. Most Americans usually drink coffee at breakfast. Drinking a cup of coffee every morning after waking up is the best thing for them. If the taste of coffee is a bit tasteless; They will add milk and sugar to coffee to improve its taste. Americans drink coffee in a free and comfortable state, just like their lives, and you can find many people holding a cup of coffee everywhere.

Coffee also plays an important role in Türkiye's social life. The coffee shop gathers many people from all walks of life. It is said that in Türkiye, when a woman about to get married meets a man who is seeking marriage union, if she is willing to marry him, she will add sugar in her coffee. She doesn't want to marry this man - she will add salt to her coffee.

Under the influence of coffee culture, people are very fond of products with coffee designs. Exquisite craft gifts related to coffee elements are your best choice. If you browse our website's products, you will find that many of our products can be customized as coffee themed craft gifts. For example, coffee themed medals, badges (metal badges, tin badges, embroidered badges), keychains (metal keychains, acrylic keychains, embroidered keychains), patches, lanyard, and so on. The coffee pot, coffee cup, coffee beans, and coffee brand elements in the coffee theme can all be added to the design.

The coffee culture promotes a slow but quality life. Nowadays, we live in a fast-paced environment where people are under a lot of pressure. In our leisure time, we can slow down and walk into a coffee shop to release our inner emotions. In the aroma of coffee, we can enjoy life and do whatever you want. Well, at the same time, a coffee-related crafts would definitely draw most people's attention and empathy easily and quickly. 

If you also love life, love coffee, and want to customize unique craft gifts, please contact us to achieve satisfactory coffee crafts for you~


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