Production Process Of Crystal Cup
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Production Process Of Crystal Cup

Many people really like the mysterious feeling of the crystal trophy, so let's unveil the mysterious process of the crystal trophy today.

Crystal trophy production process has a total of ten steps: material cutting - Clay casting, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, carving, sandblasting, adhesive, quality inspection, packaging.

1. Material: select special grade artificial crystal  Production process- cutting (cutting is to cut the entire piece of material into a shape and size required for crystal pressing with a large saw blade at high speed), Casting, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, carving, sandblasting, Adhesive, quality inspection, packaging.

2. Clay casting: Create the mould, melt the raw material with high temperature as 900° C, then cast the raw material liquid into the mould for the required size and shape.  

3. Rough polishing: The blanks die-cast out by the mold are directly grounded out by the diamond disc.

4. Fine polishing: After rough polishing, polish the finished product with polishing powder until it is completely clear.

5. Punching: Before the crystal medal or trophy is finished, the drill the required holes according to the designs.

6. Sculpture: After sculpture the details, the trophy would have stronger three-dimensional sense, delicate quality looking, fine workmanship effect as well as high cost feeling.Generally, it has two ways of the sculpture as hand carving graphics and machine carving text.

7. Sand blasting: It's generally but it has enchance the shiny and matt effect of different area.

8. Silk screen: Adding the required logo by silkscreen printing.

9. Color plating: Use a similar method as plating to make the crystal trophy or medal to have the different glory colors. The color is very thin, and can be scratched by friction easily.

10. Quality inspection and Packaging: Clean the crystal trophy, check the quality again and put it into a special brocade box to make sure it would be protected safely in transportation. Then we can call it's a complete finished Crystal trophy now.

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