Pinhole Collar Shirt and how to Make It
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Pinhole Collar Shirt and how to Make It

Pinhole collar shirt is a very elegant style. Shirt factory will use an embroidery machine to complete the production, pinhole collar shirt is rarely seen in ready-made brands. But in the custom shop, it's a necessary collar style.

When wearing, Stick through the pinhole and pull on both sides of the collar. If you wear a tie, you need to place the tie on a metal needle bar. The collar pin will let the Tie Arch slightly, presenting a more three-dimensional outline.

The collar pin is inserted in the collar of the shirt to ensure that the collar is straight and has a strong decorative effect. Most of the necklaces are made of metal. Rectangle, circle and diamond are common. Of course, some customers who pursue individuality will also choose plants and flowers, openwork design and punk modelling.

There are two main types of neck pins for matching pinhole collar, one is directly on the shirt collar. One is a pierced  pin, which can also be divided into two types: single needle or pin style.

Most recommended Brooch  style is the single needle, the single needle is more concise and elegant. The exquisite neckline will also be decorated with engraved patterns on the body of the needle, which further sets off the extravagant and gorgeous style of the neckline shirt.

Making process

Generally, the long pointed collar is suitable for pinhole collar. Of course, a few customers will choose the round collar or the short collar for pinhole collar. Here's how to make a shirt needle hole collar.

First, locate a pinhole near the two neckline tips (the specific position is fine-tuning according to the style), then use the embroidery machine to embroider the circular pinhole shape, and finally use the punch to flush the cloth in the pinhole.

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