What’s the difference for 30% embroidery area, 50% Embroidery area ,75% Embroidery area  and 100% Em
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What’s the difference for 30% embroidery area, 50% Embroidery area ,75% Embroidery area and 100% Em

Embroidery area means the coverage of the embroidery on the surface of a fabric patch backing covered by threads. Generally, the most accurate way to present it is to calculate the embroidered stitch quantity. But the embroidery stitch quantity only could be know after creating the embroidery digital tape. This would be not efficient and convenient enough for us to estimate the price for the client. So, we would use the embroidery area instead for estimating the cost in a quicker way to satisfy the client better.

There are generally four types of embroidered patches according to the embroidery coverage. The types of embroidered patches we offer are 30% embroidery area, 50% embroidery area, 75% embroidery area and 100% embroidery area. But do you know What’s the difference for them? 

30%  or 50% Embroidery
The 30% or 50% embroidered patches mean the embroidery covers 30% or 50% or less of the surface area of the twill backing. On the 30% or 50% embroidered patches, we use a twill backing color of your choice and then embroider your design onto the twill to create the patch. They are generally used for text-only designs, such as Name patches ,or some simple designs.  Because there is plenty of open space to present your information and keep patches simple, classic, and clean.

75% Embroidery
75% Embroidered Patches with more embroidery than 50%. 75% embroidered patches allow the featuring both larger and centered embroidery design elements. Embroidered area highlights show the difference between the height of the twill backing and the texture.

100% Embroidery
The 100% Embroidered Patches is the highest quality patch we offer, and the customer selects the thread color of the entire patch that does not contain visible diagonal stripes.100% embroidered patches are patches in which all of the twill patch backings is covered in thread. This style of patch is among the most popular options that we offers, because of its outstanding quality and appearance. Intricate signs and detailed artwork requiring multiple colors are best suited for 100% embroidery. 


Different Embroidery coverage has a different cost. In other words, if you want the entire patch to include embroidered embroidery, You can select the 100% option.You can choose 75% or 50% embroidery if you just want to save some money. 

If your custom patch maker is 75% or 50% embroidery,  A few basic patterns will be visible, So if you think 100% patch is too expensive, 75% and 50% patches are a good choice.

If you have already determined the color of your Embroidered Patches but still cannot determine which thread to use, one factor that may need to be considered is size. If your embroidered patches size is large, it’s mean will be more expensive and you may prefer to choose 50% or 75% to order more patches. rather than 100% embroidery. At the same time, our well-trained sales Rep. will also make the suitable suggestion for you once seeing your designs. 

We are always giving you all the best and the most suitable one. Our Custom Patches System can help you create the perfect custom made patches for your needs. Order our Custom Patches No Minimum Qty. To find out more, please email us or get FREE QUOTA.

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