Introduction to Manufacturing Technology of Military Insignia
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Introduction to Manufacturing Technology of Military Insignia

In progress military badge many processes are often used in the production of military badge. It's also different. What are the main technologies for making military badges?

First, enamel and baking varnish

The biggest difference between enamel and baking varnish is that the enamel surface is smooth, because the color is full; while baking varnish has obvious metal block line, so it feels slightly raised, and the color in the line is filled with a concave feeling. But the paint surface is smooth after adding Polly.

Second, paint and bite

Baking varnish and biting plate also have a sense of line, but baking varnish should be obvious, biting plate should be slightly fine and greasy. The thickness of the baking paint is 1.2mm, and the thickness of the undercut is 0.8mm. For the sake of beauty, the biting plate will add Polly on the surface, while the baking paint generally does not add Polly.

Third, zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is made by injection molding, so The section of is generally slightly inclined, which looks three-dimensional.

Fourth, printing

Some badges are too small to be colored, so they can only be printed to make characters and patterns.

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of military badge, we need to choose the appropriate manufacturing process according to the needs.

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