How to choose the appropriate plating color?
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How to choose the appropriate plating color?

Plating refers to attaching a metal protective film on the surface of the metal material, which can prevent corrosion, prevent oxidation, make the appearance beautiful, and improve wear resistance, and so on.

Plating is very important for lapel pins. The effect of the appearance of the lapel pins depends on what kind of plating you chosen.

Which metal plating options are right for your custom pins? There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your pin design and preference!

If you are not sure which one goes best with your design, See the article below.

We can provide many different plating options are Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Shiny Copper, Shiny Brass, Black Nickel,Alternative finishing options are Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Two-Tone Finish, Rainbow Plated and Black Dye.

Shiny Platings
Our shiny platings are the most common option for lapel pins. The pins are electroplated with your choice of Gold, Silver, Copper, or Black Nickel, Then buffed to a mirror shine. This kind of plating would be suitable for almost all designs of the lapel pins except the lapel pin which is actually a complete 3D design. The shiny effect might not able to secure the visibility of each detail because of the light reflect. 

Antique Platings
Our antique metal platings are perfect for those who want a less flashy look to their pins. The finish subdues the metal so it isn’t quite shiny and it would even help to increase contrast effect of the raised metal and recessed metal. So it would be quite suitable for the 3D designs which could help to present the 3D effect more vivid and obvious. So antique pins are a great contemporary look with old-world charm that is sure to impress.

Rainbow Plated
We are excited to tell you that we can provide the rainbow metal pins. Their incredible eye-catching and vivid appearance will make your pins stand out from the crowd. You can add any color you like, It is definitely one of the coolest choices.

Dyed Metal Electroplating
Now you can get your base metal in white, red, green or blue. This has been the biggest innovation and trend in the enamel pin movement recently.But its not suitable for orders with a tight timeline as it adds a couple of extra steps to the electroplating process. 

The two-tone finish can choose two or more kinds of finish together on a lapel pin. It should be noted that the plating of a lapel pin can only be shiny plating, or it can only be antique plating. What's more, you have to remember once your product is dye black plated, no other plating can be done. Anyway, you can always share your thoughts about the plating of the lapel pins with us, our well-trained sales Rep. will coordinate and suggest the most suitable one for you accordingly. 

We offer a variety of plating options for the lapel pins, each with its own unique appearance. Whether your promotion requires a traditional and colorful appearance or a classic old-world look, you can choose the plating that best fits the occasion.

If you don't know how to choose coatings for your product, please contact us immediately! We will select the best coating according to your requirements.


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