The Way To Get Your Custom Medals on Time
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The Way To Get Your Custom Medals on Time

I think the last thing they want as event managers or medal buyers to happen is that the medals they ordered do not arrive on time, and at the end of the event, there are no medals to present, which has caused anxiety for participants and sponsors and damaged the reputation of the event and the company.
Let's talk about how to avoid this terrible situation~
To customize a medal, you must know the following steps:
   Design creation and approval
   Sample creation and approval
   QC(Quality Control)
For custom die cast medals, there are two typical timelines:
    4-6 weeks ( 1 week for production artwork approval and payment, 2-3 weeks for production and 1~2 weeks for transportation) for faster delivery turnaround ,shipped via express or air  
    10-12 weeks  ( 1 week for production artwork approval and payment, 2-3 weeks for production and 6~8 weeks for transportation)  for orders shipped via ocean (least expensive).
We recommend starting orders at least 3-5 months before the event, allowing sufficient time to obtain the best price, and avoid the stress of getting your medals at the last minute.
It is also important to note that there are other factors that can have a significant impact on the timeline, such as:
Production issues
Transportation delay
Weather issues
Customs delays
Import and export delays
Other force majeure factors (natural disasters, accidents, diseases, etc.)
For example, during the COVID-19, the global supply chain experienced major delays and shortages of materials, equipment and manpower, leading to a longer lead time than the standard.
So, how can you get your medals faster? Here are 3 ways:
1. Understand the Process and Timelines
We recommend working with an experienced and trusted partner who can help you complete the entire process.
2. Start Earlier
We mentioned giving ourselves at least 3-5 months before the event date. Ordering production as early as possible can allow sufficient time for design, manufacturing, and shipping methods, as well as allow for unexpected delays.
3. Pay Rush Charges
If this is indeed an urgent order, it is necessary to improve timeliness by paying for expedited production costs or expedited transportation costs. However, this is clearly a costly process.

I hope these techniques will help you. If your event is coming soon and you need various metal craft gifts such as medals, badges, keychains, etc., we can help! Make sure you receive the goods before the event starts~


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