The Core Competitiveness of Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd.
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The Core Competitiveness of Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd.

In the followings, we would like to share some of our advantages with you, which are also just our core competitiveness that helps us standing in an invincible position of the metal craft market.

1. Raw materials: skilled process and with the copper as the main raw material.

2. Coloring: Proficient in soft enamel, no overflow color, light-proof, no dirty dots.
For the Imitation hard enamel, it is smooth without impurities, and can achieve mirror effect. What's more, we are still producing real hard enamel products which have been abandoned by most of the factories because of its complicity and high defect rate. For our hard enamel products, it's hard for you to tell the flaws with the naked eyes, fine polishing, smooth surface, well plating etc.

3. Electroplating:

1). For the gold plating, we offer the 24K real gold which can accept the third party testing;

2). Proficient in two-tone electroplating.

3). Dong Hong has its own legal and formal electroplating factory in house, which greatly reduces the damage of products and guarantee the plating quality.

4. Environmental protection:
All of our products meet the international standard for the content of the lead and eight heavy metals. We imported the inspection instruments overseas and proceed with relative testing strictly from the very beginning of each process, like the imported raw materials, the semi-finished item, the accessories, the finished item etc.

5.  Accessories: we use high-quality accessories.
1). Our lapel pins generally use the 0.3mm thick copper material butterfly clutch which is not easy to pass through or get distorted, could wear solid and stable. There is another kind of butterfly clutch in the market, which is only 0.2/0.25MM thick or use Iron Butterfly clutch. We can imagine the quality difference.

2). For the cufflinks or screws, we are using silver welding which would greatly reduce the probability of falling parts. Most of the factories are still using tin welding or glue welding for them to reduce the costs, so that they can attract customers with low price. But we definitely don't follow it since the quality is not good enough.

6. The inheritance of the crafts and arts:
Set up for 33 years, the technology is originated from Taiwan. The company's founders are four brothers, all begin from the apprenticeship, even the youngest has been in this industry for 25 years already. In the past years, they continued to exchange and study in the international trade with foreign customers as well as the industry peers, learning others advantages and made the crafts more exquisite.

7. The engraving of mold:
At the beginning of the founding, the company is well aware that the engraving skill plays pretty important roles on the products' quality. The leadership of the company has been struggling to find a skilled engraving master, and finally found an aged master who is more than 60-year-old and actually retired at that time. After continuously invitation, he finally agreed to come back to the street and taught a number of skilled engraving masters, whose 3D mold effect could be true to life. What's more, this high respected aged master has been praised as the lifelong technology counselor for our company, focusing on improving the skills on the character expression and charm of the performance.

8.  Effectiveness:
Ordinary artwork would be provided within 24 hours, general samples will be provided in 7 days, regular orders will be delivered in 15 days.

9. The inspection of products:
Each order would be strictly inspected before shipment to make sure the defect rate within the AQL standard required by the customer.

10. The integration of the crafts and arts:
The company has a highly integrated process of production, from design - mold making – stamping/casting - polishing - electroplating - coloring – packing, all would be done by the factory independently. Except the production base for the metal crafts, the embroidery factory is just in the same premise which can provide one-stop shopping for the needs of customers, such as the embroidery epaulets, patches, lanyards for medals and etc.

11. Scale and partners:
Three factories with total of more than 2500 people, plus more than 200 good relationship contracted factories, we’ve developed quickly in the past 30 years. For the contracted factories, we are not only just a customer, but also the supportive and mutual-developed partner. Choose Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. , to make your needs for customization have no further difficulties!

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