7 popular ideas of practical uses for your running medals
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7 popular ideas of practical uses for your running medals

As the person in charge of the competition project, do you want the contestants to enjoy and share the customized medals, ribbons and trophies as much as possible? Do you want people to show off and talk about their medals again and again to attract more participants to participate in the new competition. Therefore, one of the best ways is to let your customized medal play a practical role!

Here are 7 popular ideas of practical uses for your running medals:

Bottle opener
Belt buckle
refrigerator magnet 
Wine stopper

This is a team cross-country series created by a university in our country. Each team has four members. After completing the competition, the contestants have received a customized medal similar to the leaf of four-leaf clover. Four four-leaf clover leaf medals can be combined into a complete four-leaf figure, which forces a contestant to find his other three teammates and form a small team. In this mode, they are more likely to spend $75 to participate in four games than just spend $15 to participate in one game!


This is just an example of a practical running medal, but no matter what your medal looks like, the same principle applies. If you give people reason to come back to participate in more activities, you will certainly attract more participants and sponsors, because their brands will be seen more often, and raising awareness is the ideal choice for business and obtain more income. And medals with practical use are better for the environment. A usable product is unlikely to be discarded, so you can help reduce waste by combining a symbol of achievement with a functional product.

If you need to incorporate practical use into your custom medal design, please start the conversation with a member of our trusted medal and awards team to create a unique medal that is sure to wow participants at your event.

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