What is a Commercial PVC Coaster?
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What is a Commercial PVC Coaster?

Commercial coasters are specifically those that are required by the company to print a series of advertising content such as corporate content labels, slogans, logos, etc. These coasters are used to help companies promote corporate culture and establish a corporate image. We all know that the market is fiercely competitive if it wants to stand out from the rest, it must start with the details.

The coaster made of PVC material has low cost, non-flammable, high strength, weather resistance, and excellent geometric stability. It also has high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and harmless, friction large, heat-insulating, and many other advantages that have made it the first choice for many companies.

Commercialized Coasters can be Roughly divided into the Following Categories :
1.PVC Coaster with a Slogan

This type of custom PVC Coaster is printed with the core words of the corporate culture. Every business has a cultural slogan to symbolize themselves. For example, the slogan of sports brand  Adidas’s slogan is Impossible is nothing! These slogans are meant to showcase the company’s ideas. 

The use of this custom PVC coaster can help the company with identification and promotion, through the image of the logo to let consumers remember the company’s main body and brand culture. These coasters are usually printed with logo text and a brand pattern corresponding to the logo. Take Starbucks as an example: Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee chain. By 2006, Starbucks had more than 9,000 chain stores worldwide. “Starbucks” and logo pattern with two-tailed mermaid has long been popular and remembered by each one.

3.PVC Coaster with Contact Information

This type of PVC coaster is generally printed with telephone, address, and other contact information of one company or store. The provision of telephones enables customers to consult business more conveniently, and relevant personnel can solve customer confusion promptly, which can increase the customer’s goodwill towards the company. At the same time, the provision of telephones is also convenient for customers to make appointments, which not only saves customers time spent on the journey but also promotes a more orderly organization of the business. The availability of the address can also help customers find the corresponding store faster and promote customer spending.

How to Customize Commercial PVC Coasters?

If you want to customize a commercial PVC coaster, be sure to look for a manufacturing factory that meets your needs in many directions. Our team is a very good choice. We are a professional PVC coaster maker. We have many years of experience in the production of PVC products and can grasp the precision of product production. We have led a group of outstanding teams, bringing exquisite PVC products to thousands of customers and receiving consistent praise. Please contact us now! Tell our excellent team about your own ideas. We will help you!


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