Magnetic Pin Back
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Magnetic Pin Back

People who loves badges likes to constantly purchase their favorite design badges, but they always worry about displaying and storing badges. Our best-selling product - magnetic pin back can solve this problem for you! Let you effortlessly transform your badge into a multi-functional fridge magnet, not only showcasing your favorite badge, but also decorating your fridge, or even help to hold your post-it note to convey your message in the sweet way.

Our magnetic pin back can fit different pin sizes, ensuring a tight fit for various enamel pins. Our magnetic pin back is made of brass and features a sturdy magnet that securely holds your enamel pin in place, preventing it from falling off the fridge like other low-quality products and damaging your cherished badge. The metal surface can be plated with gold or nickel to match your badge with different electroplated colors, making your badge series more exquisite.

Our team is a professional badge supplier who has been customizing badges for customers for over 40 years. We have contacted and collaborated with different customers around the world, fully understanding their different needs for badges and the enthusiasm of badge collectors for designing badges. Happy Gift is committed to enhancing the experience of collectors. Our magnetic pin back is the result of careful design and craftsmanship, providing a relaxed solution for badge enthusiasts, while reflecting our commitment to providing innovative solutions for our global customers.

“Displaying enamel pins should be a pleasure, not a hassle. Happy GIft's high-quality magnetic pin back indeed provides a simple yet highly effective solution for pin enthusiasts, allowing me to easily showcase my designs and collected badges. Every friend who comes to my house and sees the beautiful badge displayed on my refrigerator speaks highly of it! At the same time, I also sold Happy Gift's high-quality magnetic pin back to my customers and received very good feedback.” Our client Anna said (a badge designer and online store owner).

Contact us to purchase a magnetic pin back to upgrade your design badge, greet fashionable and practical solutions, and quickly solve the problem of displaying and storing badges!


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