Why are graduation commemorative coins so popular?
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Why are graduation commemorative coins so popular?

At the beginning of each year, we receive many orders for school graduation commemorative coins. The procurement department of the school will make reservations with us in advance before the graduation season, in order to receive commemorative coins on time and ensure the smooth progress of the graduation ceremony. As one of the important souvenirs for graduation season, why are commemorative coins still popular after decades?

Graduation commemorative coins are usually engraved or printed with the name of the school, logo, and even the name of the student. Every coin is an exclusive gift for graduates. Even if memories fade with the passage of time. But the coins in your hands are real and eternal, especially the coins we produce with high-quality bronze, which can still be preserved in good condition even after more than a decade has passed.

In the years to come, when we see this coin, we will recall the beautiful times on campus and share our experiences with others. It solidified the scene at that time, leaving behind the emotions of that moment. People live in memories of the past, but at the same time, they also cherish the happiness of the present.

For graduates, graduation commemorative coins have high commemorative value. For schools, commemorative coins are also a very important tool for promoting school brands. Custom challenge coins can be made into various shapes, sizes, and styles. Personalization can also be achieved through images, photos, and text. Therefore, on round coins, one can carve or print content about the characteristics and history of the school, or package commemorative coins, customize exquisite outer boxes and school brochures. This method is suitable for various public occasions of the school, such as school open days, graduation seasons, campus charity donations, and so on.

In summary, graduation commemorative coins have a wide range of uses, and we recommend that every school and department can customize commemorative coins every year. If you are interested in customizing commemorative coins, please click on the following link to contact our team for more information.


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