Ironing Method for Embroidery Patch
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Ironing Method for Embroidery Patch

Embroidery patch can be used to repair small holes and stains on clothes, and can also be ironed or sewn on favorite fabrics according to your creativity, such as bags, clothes, curtains etc.. 

【Warm tips】
DIY embroidery patch stickers can be ironed or sewn. For the patch with the heat sealed glue on the backside, many people would choose to press it to the fabric by iron. But if it should be assembled on the hand knitted sweaters, please use the sewing method as much as possible to avoid any possible damage. Another advantage of sewing is that if you don't like it, you can take it off and sew it in another place

【Special remind】
When the embroidery patch has just been ironed on the clothes and it is not completely cooled,do not tear it to see if it is glued firmly. Because this may tear it off. Be sure that the surface temperature of the cloth patch is completely cooled before checking.
At normal temperature, the hot melt adhesive is 100% solid. When heated to a certain temperature, it becomes liquid, and once cooled below the melting point, it returns to solid quickly. Its melting point is 150 ° C, the release point is 7-13 seconds, the curing point is 7-14 seconds, and the cooling point is 2-3 minutes. Some jackets and other fabrics are easy to be damaged by heating. You can cover it with a thin cloth to isolate the iron from the clothes.

1.Keep the clothes (or other textiles) dry and clean when ironing. Don’t spray water on the embroidery patch or clothes when ironing.
2.After ironing the embroidery patch, it can be closely combined with clothes (or other textiles) for a long time. If the embroidery patch comes off after a period of time, or after washing, it means that the iron temperature is too low during ironing, or the ironing time is too short, you can repeat the original operation and iron the embroidery patch again.

【Ironing method】
1. Keep the back clean before ironing, and adjust the temperature to be suitable for the clothes.

2. Put the patches on the right place (don't tear off the glue), iron it a few times, usually about 15 seconds.

3. In order to prevent scalding, you can put a thin cotton cloth on the embroidery patch (but not a discolored cloth). After the ironing, check the edges to see if they are hot.

4. The temperature should also be decided according to the thickness of the cloth. For thicker ones, the temperature must be higher and the heat time should be longer. For particularly thick embroidery patch, you can heat to higher temperature to the back.

5. For cloth stickers with sequins or metal thread embroidery, iron from the reverse side first, and then trim the corners from the front after the cloth stickers are firmly fixed, so as not to damage the sequins or other accessories on the front.

6. The best way is to sew a few stitches on the edge of the cloth with a needle thread after ironing. This will be firmer and more comfortable.

7. If there is no iron in the house, you can also sew the patch on the clothes directly with the same color thread.
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