How to Maintain Customized Keyboard
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How to Maintain Customized Keyboard

1. do not touch with your hands. If you touch it with your hand frequently, sweat and other substances will be left on the surface of the key shaped keychain, which is easy to cause oxidation. You should wear clean and soft cloth gloves or use tweezers to clip on the keys when you take them.

2. Key shaped keychains should not be kept in places where the air is not circulating for a long time. Otherwise, in wet weather, the moisture on the surface of keys is difficult to exert and easy to oxidize.

3. Avoid contact with damp or polluted harmful gases. The southern rainy season, high-temperature weather, and dirty environment, such as kitchens, are prone to corrosion.

4. For the oxidized key shaped key chain, a small amount of toothpaste can be added to the cloth and gently scrubbed. After removing the oxide layer, the key shaped key chain can be stored in a sealed container.

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