How To Choose The Lapel Pin Back
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How To Choose The Lapel Pin Back

There are several different forms of lapel pin backs. But you must make a choice based on your actual situation. There are three very important considerations - who will wear them, where you will wear them, and what fabric to use.

Here are some guides on how to choose the lapel pin back:

First,Let's recognize some commonly used lapel pin back options

Butterfly Clutch
Butterfly clutches are the most common type of pin closure. It can be made of metal or rubber. Metal is more commonly used while rubber is popular due to its rich color choices. Rubber clutches come in several different shapes as well and here are some lapel pin backs you can choose.

While this fastener is popular, there are a few issues with it. It can lose its grip over time. If it is not put on properly, it will soon weaken.



Magnetic fasteners are another popular type of lapel pin back. One standout benefit for them is that they won’t damage your clothes like a nail with a clutch would.But it is not suitable for sports scenes with too much intensity, as smooth magnets may be thrown off.

Safety Pin
Since the safety pin closures are easier to put on for most people, these are often used on one-time occasions for stuff like name tags. Safety pins are not as strong as clutches, and they can easily unlatch, especially when there is a lot of motion.


3M Self-Adhesive Tape
3M Self-Adhesive Tapes would be also used for some lapel pin's back, I mean if they are not used to wear on clothes but would be arranged to stick to something else permanently.  

And then,How To Choose The Proper Lapel Pin Backings?

When selecting the back of a lapel pin, it is necessary to consider not only the aesthetics, but also the actual usage scenario.

If you wear a pin to attend a luxury event, you can choose butterfly clutches or other metal clutches like the tie tack etc. because they look elegant. But if you need to participate in a passionate marathon, it's best to use a safety pin or adhesive tape, so they won't fall off easily and won't scratch athletes during the race. Of course, more expensive clothes can use magnets, which won't damage the clothes.In large events, choosing a safety pin ensures that everyone can easily wear it.

If you need more suggestions on the lapel pin back, please contact our team, and experts will provide you with the most perfect design scheme!


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