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Button Badges

The button badge is a kind of badge. The main material is tinplate, the surface is covered with paper, and the back is made of plastic bottom or iron bottom. The accessories are usually pins. Available in a variety of sizes. Button badges are widely used as promotion items in food, nutrition, electronics industries because of its low price. The button badge can also be used as an advertising gift for advertising, branding, festival commemorative, business gifts, etc.

Characteristics of the button badges:

1. The tinplate material is very thin, therefore, if it is not properly protected, it would be easily deformed. Once it is deformed, it cannot be used, so we must avoid collision.
2. The button badge can't be washed with a brush for the layer is printed and it can be easily brushed off.
3. The button badges are easy to be oxidized when in the moist environment.

Common sizes of the button badges:

*Printed on the paper cover:

20/25/30/32/35/38/40/44/50/55/58/65/75/150/160MM (diameter)

*Directly printed on the metal base:

20/25/30/32/35/38/40/43/45/50/55/58/63/75/80/90/105MM (diameter)
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