9 FAQs about custom enamel pins
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9 FAQs about custom enamel pins

As a professional enamel pins supplier, I encounter daily inquiries from clients about enamel pins. In this article today, I have compiled some common questions and answers about customizing lapel pins, hoping to be helpful to you~

1.How much does it cost to order a customized enamel pin?
The unit price of customized pins can be as low as $0.25 per piece, depending on the size, quantity, and pin type. Generally, the more quantity purchased, the lower the unit price. If you only want to purchase 20 pieces, the price of each piece will be much higher than the price of thousands of pieces considering the divided mold charge, set up charge and MOQ fee etc.
Due to the need for molds to produce customized lapel pins, it requires additional mold fees.
Soft enamel pins are an affordable choice. They have raised metal edges, rich colors, and suitable prices, which can meet most design needs.

2. Will enamel pins rust
Enamel pins are made of five different types of metals: brass, copper, iron, stainless steel, or zinc alloy. The only metal that can rust is iron.

3.How to wear a lapel pin? Will they damage the suit?
A lapel pin can add personality to your clothes, but when the pin passes through the clothes, it will leave small holes in the clothes. Most fabrics cannot see this hole, especially knitwear, sweater, denim, etc. However, if your suit is expensive, we suggest replacing the accessory on the back of the lapel pin with a magnet, so as not to leave small holes.

4.What is the purpose of wearing a lapel pin?
Lapel pins are usually used as identification marks. But with the development of the times, lapel pins have also become a form of decoration that expresses individuality.

5.Is enamel pins popular?
Enamel pins have received a lot of attention on Instagram and Tik Tok,
It has become a luxury for some people.
Superstar Kim Kardashian wears enamel pins on her reality show 'Walking with Kardashian'. And retail her personal designs on her own website.There enamel pins are very expensive and limited in quantity.

6. How to prevent enamel pins from falling off?
The most important thing is to choose the appropriate needle back. There are several things you can do to prevent the enamel pin from falling off.
First, ensure that the pin accessories on the backside to be in good quality condition and has been worn properly and correctly. 
Second, If the logo is in a big size, maybe increase one more set of the spur nail and butterfly clutch to increase the stablility. 
Third, if it's a magnet as the attachment, please make sure the magnet is still strong enough after attaching to the clothes.Both the magnet quality itself and the thickness of the fabric will cause the lapel pin falling off possibly. 
Fourth, in your daily wearing, please try to avoid scratching or unexpected dragging of the pin. 

7.Can we make money by selling enamel pins?
Enamel pins are sweeping the fashion industry, and many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are now starting their pin business. Because enamel is customizable and can have multiple designs. Whether you want to create enamel pins with exclusive logos, strange illustrations, or anything else, as long as you have creativity, you can explore unlimited business opportunities.

When retail enamel pins, you can leverage many online platforms, including Etsy, Amazon, ArtFire, Shopify, Big Cartel, Handmade, and more. If you are looking for comprehensive exposure, you can consider various social media platforms such as ins, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. At the same time, you can also leverage the influence of modern media and internet celebrities to promote your story to multiple media outlets and influential people.

8.Can you wear enamel pins as earrings?
Of course! You just need to use the same lapel design and replace the earring accessories. For the same lapel pin logo, actually, could be changed to be keychain, cufflink, tie bar, earring, pendant etc. by just changing the relative accessories. 

9.How long can enamel pins last?
The design of enamel pins can be worn for many years, but the actual length of time they can be worn depends on the frequency of wearing and the level of care you give them. Our product, which was stored in a photo frame more than a decade ago, still looks like new.


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