Zinc Alloy Couple Key chain
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Zinc Alloy Couple Key chain

We can see the key chains on the market everywhere, there are various kinds of small accessories and some are really exquisite. They are very popular in the market, especially for young girls, who like to buy a good-looking bunch of accessories. 

The materials of the key chain could be metal (like copper, aluminum,zinc alloy, iron, stainless steel etc.) rubber, plastic,fabric, glasses, or leather etc, while the most common material for the metal key chain  is zinc alloy.

Among the zinc alloy key chains, one of the most popular style in the market is the Lovers key chain. It is a good choice for merchants who are seeking for promotion but make rich styles and allegorical design accessories. This way can also satisfy the psychological tendency of consumption of young people, who are the main target customers of key chains

The plasticity of zinc alloy is strong.It could present the logo in more detail and the 3D in more vivid effect, which couldn’t be achieved by other metal materials. For the surface, it can be treated by painting or electroplating to make the product more beautiful after the clay has been die-casted. Surface treatment processes are various, including polishing, lacquering (baking paint), soft enamel, printing, oil spraying, electroplating. You can choose according to the original looking of your logo. Or you can have our sales Rep. Suggest accordingly to achieve the effect as close as possible to your original one. For the back side of the key chain, you can take full use of it by creating another logo or just adding a laser LOGO. Whether you want a name, numbers, texts or a short sentence, you can customize on the it accordingly. For the lover key chains, some client would require to laser the sentences that she/he want to say to her/his lover, which is unique and romantic. This is one of the main reason for its popularity.

Zinc Alloy Couple Key chain
Zinc Alloy Couple Key chain
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