Who Won The Most Medals In The Olympics
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Who Won The Most Medals In The Olympics

Michael Phelps, a professional swimmer in the United States.

In the 2004 Athens Olympics, Phelps won the men's 200m, 400m individual medley, 100m, 200m butterfly, 4x200m freestyle relay and 4x100m medley relay 6 gold medals.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Phelps won a total of 8 gold medals and became the player with the most gold medals in a single Olympic Games.

In the 2012 London Olympics, he won four gold medals. At this point, he won 22 Olympic medals, including 18 gold medals, becoming the athletes with the most medals and gold medals in Olympic history. In the 200m individual medley final of the Rio Olympics swimming men, Phelps swam 1 minute 54 seconds 66 and won the 22nd gold medal in the Olympic Games. On August 14th, in the men's 100m medley relay race in Rio Olympic Games, the American team led by Phelps won the championship with absolute strength, and Phelps also won his 23rd Olympic gold medal. In December 2016, Phelps officially announced his retirement. The number of his career gold medals may be difficult to surpass in the coming decades.
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