Night glow Silicon wristband
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Night glow Silicon wristband

Night glow wristband is a silicone wristband with luminescent powder that can emit light at night. It is made by mixing luminescent powder into organic silicon raw materials in a certain proportion. This is a green and environmentally friendly material, without toxicity or radioactive elements. Therefore, luminous wristbands are environmentally friendly and safe, suitable for adults and children to wear.

When the wristband is exposed to natural light or any visible light, the luminescent powder inside will absorb and store light energy, and slowly release it in the form of visible light in the dark. The luminescent material can automatically emit light in the dark for more than 12 hours after being absorbed for 5 minutes! In addition, the process of absorbing light and emitting light can be repeated countless times, and its service life can reach more than 20 years.

Due to its magical visual effect, the luminous wristband is very suitable for various large-scale events held at night. The luminous bracelet has different meanings in different occasions.

When used for Halloween, it can add a strange atmosphere. On the evening of October 31st, everyone will dress up meticulously to create a fun but creepy environment. At this moment, luminous wristbands are undoubtedly the perfect accessory. Various colored glowing bracelets emit dim light in the darkness, adding a ghostly feeling to the eerie atmosphere. Especially, their materials are very soft, comfortable, and easy to wear.

But in occasions such as weddings, family gatherings, birthday parties, concerts, etc., luminous bracelets can interpret a completely different atmosphere. At the wedding ball, when everyone gathers under the neon lights, the faint light emitted by the bracelet is no longer eerie, but romantic and warm, casting a happy halo on the sacred moment.

In order to liven up the atmosphere of the concert, increase entertainment and interactivity, we see that singers and audiences often use luminous wristbands during performances and concerts. 

In order to highlight the lighting effect of the stage, the concert venue is usually set very dim, and at this time, the luminous wristband becomes a cool decoration. 

And through design, it is possible to customize the singer's name, logo, lyrics, etc. on the wristband, which can express the love of fans for the singer and enhance the atmosphere.


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