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The Maintenance Methods of Metal Medals

Over the years, we have produced metal medals for all kinds of conferences, competitions and company activities, including copper, gold, silver and other precious metal plated one. Metal medals represent the honor to be obtained. They have high commemorative and collective value, which have special meaning for the winners. The maintenance of metal medal should be paid attention to.  Following five common and practical methods are summarized by Donghong Crafts & Arts Co., Ltd. for your reference:

1. Wipe the dust on the medal with a clean and soft cloth. For those detailed parts, use soft wool to brush or vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust. It’s better pack with a sealed bag.

2. The placement space of metal medals must keep dry, without dust and air pollutants. Temperature in 18 ℃-24℃, relative humidity from 40% to 50%;

3. To prevent metal medals from mechanical damage, they should not collide with each other or be stacking.

4. After a long time placement, the metal medals will get dull according to the environment. We can use the silk cotton cloth to wipe gently back and forth, which can achieve the effect of polishing, so that the protection wax layer on the surface will shine again.

5. Prevent metal medals from exposure to harmful chemicals such as acids, oils, chlorides, etc.