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The border of the Embroidery Patch

There are various handling methods for the borders of the embroidery patches

Merrow border: this is the most conventional handling method. Usually, the merrow border would be suitable for the patched with the regular shape, while the irregular shape must be heat cut border or hand cut border. The merrow border is comparatively wide and around 3 mm.

Heat cut border: any size and shape can be done by heating cut border. The width is generally thin and the border is embroidered .Because it is manual operation, so the accuracy is relatively high. For the high quality products, we use this method of production. But the limitation of the heat cut border is that the edge of the light color embroidery thread, especially the white color, it easy to be yellowish or blackened for high temperature. Also, if the product is not fully embroidered or the edge doesn’t embroider around with a line, we need to choose the twill fabric instead of felt or velvet which would be easily damaged by high temperature.

Laser cur border: it is operated by a laser machine. The appearance and production methods of laser cut border products are similar to the heat cut border products. Except for the heat cut border is manual operation while the laser cut border is operated by machine. This technique is suitable for large quantities order. Donghong currently has six laser machines, which greatly improve production capacity.

Hand cut border: it is directly cut with scissors and not suitable for the patch with twill fabric since the twill patches would get a fringe border easily. 

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