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  • Dong Hong will attend the 2018 HKTDC Donghong Craft & Art Co.,Ltd will attend the 2018 HKTDC at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27th-30th April(Friday-Wednesday). Look forward to your visit our booth No.1A-C28!
  • Protect your orders from Payment to Delivery! My dear friends ,glad to tell you that our new website is now online in Alibaba.We can accept trade assurance payment through this new website, to protect your orders from Payment to Delivery! Here I ...
  • Happy Chinese New Year! As the Chinese New Year is coming, here I'd like to convey our sincere greetings and best wishes to you and all your family members. Sincerely hope the New Year will bring you and your family every jo...
  • 2017 Annual Party Of Donghong Craft & Art Co.,Ltd. Donghong Craft & Art Co.,Ltd. held the company's 2017 annual party of the company in 27th,December. In order to strengthen our company's experience exchange and promote our company's development, ...
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2018! Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd., the world-class emblem, medals, military uniform accessories & metal craft manufacturer, wish you a Merry Christmas!
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Technique Articles

  • How to distinguish the hard enamel productsNovember 24, 2017The real hard enamel products, also named cloisonné products, are generally considered as the collectible crafts because of its special technical skills, complicated production process as well as its...view
  • How To Distinguish the Photo Etched Soft EnamelOctober 26, 2017Since the recessed metal part of the photo etched soft enamel is pretty shallow and its color is very thin, sometimes people would take it for imitation hard enamel product. In order to avoid any simi...view
  • How to distinguish the imitation hard enamel productsOctober 19, 2017Sometimes some suppliers would use epoxy coated soft enamel products to replace imitation hard enamel products. To help our customers better distinguish the imitation hard enamel products, Donghong Cr...view
  • EN71 Standard of Toys Exported to European and American countriesOctober 10, 2017China is a big exporter of the toys in the world. The toys exportation mainly aimed at European. The toys exported to the European market take up 40% of the annual exportation value of toys of China.E...view
  • Celebration of Chinese National Day!September 29, 2017Our office will close for the National Holiday from Sep 30th – Oct 5th. The first shipping date after the break will be Oct 6th.Donghong Craft & Art wish you happy everyday!view
  • Bending Mold and Mask-like MoldSeptember 28, 2017The bending mold and the mask-like mold are similar to some extent and sometimes this may cause some misunderstand about them. Here Donghong Craft & Art Co., Ltd. would like to share the features ...view
  • Different Metal MaterialsSeptember 27, 2017Copper:It’s the necessary material for the hard enamel. It’s also suitable for die struck imitation hard enamel, die struck soft enamel or die struck without coloring if the clients insist on. But g...view
  • The Maintenance Methods of Metal MedalsSeptember 26, 2017Over the years, we have produced metal medals for all kinds of conferences, competitions and company activities, including copper, gold, silver and other precious metal plated one. Metal medals repres...view
  • The background fabrics of embroidery patchesSeptember 13, 2017The embroidery badge is one of the main products of Donghong Craft & Art Co.,Ltd. The main background fabrics of the embroidery badges are as follows:The twill fabric. The raw material is 100% pol...view
  • The Differences between 2D Badge and 3D BadgeSeptember 12, 2017Generally, most of the badges would be made of two dimension design, but there are also many customers prefer the 3D design badges. So what are the differences between the 2D Badge and 3D Badge?The di...view
  • Notice on Protection of Electroplated Satin Series with ElectrophoresisSeptember 11, 2017Satin color plating has been porpular in the metal craft and gifts industry because of its higher quality looking comparing to the shiny plating. But its disadvantage is that the satin plated products...view
  • The border of the Embroidery PatchSeptember 9, 2017There are various handling methods for the borders of the embroidery patchesMerrow border: this is the most conventional handling method. Usually, the merrow border would be suitable for the patched w...view
  • Thing should be noticed when assembling leather and metal lapel pinSeptember 8, 2017In the leather products we provide, leather key chains with metal logo and leather badge holder are very popular. Because no matter in metal or leather part, we are have strict quality control in both...view
  • Will the Color of the Electroplating Badge Fade?September 7, 2017The electroplating (except copper and silver) of metal lapel pin is not easy to fade unless the electroplating coat falls off. But after all, the plating color is only a thin layer attached to the met...view
  • How to Maintain the Police Badge?September 7, 2017Police has always been the solemn image of the safeguarding for the people's life and property safety in our heart. As a professional police badge manufacturer, Donghong Craft & Craft Co., Ltd. wo...view