The Pattern Design Of Military MEDALS Should Highlight The Battle Logo To Reflect The War Mentality
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The Pattern Design Of Military MEDALS Should Highlight The Battle Logo To Reflect The War Mentality

Military Medal

MEDALS for the armed forces of different countries vary in color, shape and size, each with its own characteristics. However, its composition design, more or less contains elements about soldiers, flags, swords, horses, shields, mace and so on, which are related to the war. The MEDALS awarded by each service will show the eagle, aircraft, anchors, tanks and other patterns with the characteristics of the service. This design embodies the distinctive military characteristics, full of strong combat atmosphere, highlighting the value pursuit of soldiers who are born to defeat and also inspiring the soldiers to prepare for war, to win honor from the battlefield all the time.

The medal of st. Georgi of Russia consists of the star and the body. The star badge center, with the words "for service and courage", encourages people to fight bravely for the motherland; The design of the warriors on white horses to defeat the evil forces in the body of the chapter embodies a brave fighting spirit. Russia also has a special way of designing and wearing MEDALS at the national level for military personnel to highlight their unique contributions. The medal of st. Andrey, the highest national award in Russia, is designed for military personnel to receive the medal with a double sword. The same is true of the medal for national service. The service medal for the motherland is divided into four grades. According to relevant regulations, when someone is wearing the high level service medal for the motherland, he/she is not allowed to wear a low-level service medal for the motherland,except the medal with sword.

The star patterns on the medal of honor represent the states of the United States. Oak leaves symbolize strength and laurel branches symbolize merit. "Minerva" symbolizes wisdom and, together with a shield from the national emblem of the United States, represents legal authority. This design not only shows the national will and strong military strength of the United States, but also indicates rich cultural atmosphere, deep historical background and high legal spirit.

At the same time, the medals’ shape sometimes also reflects the military merit level and type of difference. The U.S. military medal, for example, is awarded to individuals for ACTS of bravery and outstanding service, usually in the shape of a star or cross. MEDALS of honor, silver star, bronze star, etc., are in the shape of a five-pointed star. The Medal of Honor, Silver Star, and Bronze Star are pentagrams. The Army's Distinguished Service Cross and the Cross of Merit are cruciform.

MEDALS for good conduct and participation in specific campaigns, expeditionary operations, and non-war military operations are usually designed in circles. This design not only reflects the different values of the medal, but also makes the medal more diversified.

In addition, the decoration and accessories of the medal can also reflect the recipient's personal experience and combat achievements. The U.S. military attaches bronze and silver stars to MEDALS and ribbons to indicate that they have won or fought in major battles many times. The bronze arrow is used to identify the wearer as a member of an established force performing a tactical task, having participated in combat parachute, helicopter assault, glider airborne or amphibious assault, and obtained proof of attack. Alphabetic symbols used to identify aviation MEDALS, multinational force and observer MEDALS, etc. The medal of good behavior decoration bars are used to indicate the number of MEDALS of good behavior, which are awarded 2-5 times in copper, 6-10 times in silver and 11-15 times in gold. Undoubtedly, highlighting the variety of combat logo in the design and composition is conducive to the cultivation of combat culture.

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