Custom Handmade Medallion Maintenance in the Right Way
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Custom Handmade Medallion Maintenance in the Right Way

Custom handmade medals often represent honors, etc., and have high commemorative value and collection significance. However, the maintenance of handmade medals is more particular. Let ’s follow Dhmedal and learn about it.

1. The dust on the handmade medals should be wiped with a clean and soft cloth, and the corner details that need special attention should be wiped with a soft brush; in order to prevent mechanical damage to the manual medals, they should not collide or overlap each other.

2. The manual medal is placed for too long, and a little dullness may appear depending on the location of the environment. At this time, it can be wiped back and forth gently with a fine cotton cloth to achieve a polishing effect and make the surface of the protective wax layer glow again. Note that the wiping method should be light, because the surface of the medal has a layer of protective wax.

I hope that we summarize the maintenance methods of manual medals to help you better maintain your favorite medals. For more details, please consult Dhmedal.

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