Silk Screen Printing Pins
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Silk Screen Printing Pins

Printing pins are, unquestionably, the most versatile pins on the market because they do not require liquid enamel color fill. They allow a logo or design to be recreated without the need for fine metal lines around each color and the images can be transferred from digital graphics to printing plates directly which would save a lot of production time and save cost accordingly. It would be the best selection for the order with huge QTY but limited lead time. Epoxy must be applied to these kinds of silkscreen print lapel pin to protect the underneath printed colors and rendered glossy effect.
We generally have 2 kinds of printing pins, one is Offset Printing and the other is Silk Screen Printing, usually it is the art or motifs you offered determine which one we should use.

Silk screen printing pins can be made as many colors as your wish and the colors can be matched as your instruction from the Pantone book, but the more color you choose the more printing set up fee you have to pay. Generally speaking, it is solid color print, each block or area with only one color.

Donghong Craft is professional maker of pins and badges with 35 years experience. Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotation for your printing pins! High quality, competitive price and small MOQ!
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