Pewter Pins
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Pewter Pins

The pewter pins are very popular because of its cheap cost and quick delivery time as well as the great present on the full 3D effect. While as the world strict requirement on the lead content of the metal gifts, the pewter lapel pin has been used less and less. Actually, we do have the #0 pewter which could meet the lead content requirement set up by different countries or associations, but the cost of this kind of pewter is much expensive. For some design, it would be even more expensive than bronze material. But the unique presenting way for the full 3D or hollow designs makes the spin cast pewter lapel pin irreplaceable.
There are two things we'd like to share about the pewter pins:
  • First, the pewter is pretty soft. So if they are many cutouts on the designs and the metal lapel pin would be used separately without any background support, then we suggest you don't choose the pewter process for your lapel pin in case it breaks easily.
  • Second, if the metal lapel pin would be used to assemble with other item and requires very accurate shape or size, then we don’t suggest you choosing pewter process as well since for the spin cast lapel pin, the mould is silicon. It's not as stable as the steel mould.
Donghong Craft is professional maker of pins and badges with 35 years experience. Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotation for your custom pewter pins! High quality, competitive price and small MOQ!
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